What is Blockchain Explorer? What are its functions?

March 23, 2023 0 Comments

Blockchain explorer is a specific software tool which deploys blockchain node and API for garnering diverse Blockchain data. It then makes use of a database for arranging the data searched and presents the same in a format that is searchable to users. The inputs of the users are searchable terms on the Blockchain explorer, and these are searched thereafter via the database’s organized table. 

The explorer will already contain organized information in the table format from the Blockchain. The Blockchain explorer enables users to quickly navigate and find data on blocks that have been mined recently, or transactions carried out recently on the Blockchain. They may also enable viewing live feeds of blocks during mining, along with data related to the same. 

What are some other functions of Blockchain Explorer? 

Here are some of the other capabilities of the Blockchain Explorer: 

  • Users can explore transaction histories for any wallet address, enabling audits of the same and better transparency on the Blockchain network. 
  • Blockchain explorer enables finding address for receiving transactions, along with viewing the change addresses too. The latter is the output returning crypto to the spender in order to prevent a scenario where an excessive input value goes into transaction costs. This also boosts overall transparency. 
  • Blockchain explorer helps find the day’s biggest transaction in some cases, along with Mempool status. The latter helps find transactions which are unconfirmed on the Blockchain, including their key information. 
  • Users can also find double-spend transactions or incidents in the Blockchain with the explorer along with stale or orphaned blocks, i.e. those which are not linked to the longest Blockchain even post-mining and with unknown parent Blockchains. These are orphaned blocks, while stale ones are those with known parent blocks, but without any links to the longest-known chain. 
  • Blockchain explorer helps in exploring the individual or pool discovering or mining any specific block. 
  • It helps in the exploration of genesis blocks, i.e. blocks mined first on any chain and those who mined it, along with other crucial information. 
  • Users can view Blockchain difficulty, transaction charges, hash rates, and other vital data. 

What are the benefits of Blockchain explorer? 

Here are some of the biggest advantages of using a Blockchain explorer: 

  • You can check spending and balances on smart-contract addresses, including when users are taking part in ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings). This enables greater transparency. 
  • You can also check the validity of wallet addresses to Blockchains before sending crypto or whether a transaction has been sent.
  • Explorers can help you understand issues with unconfirmed transactions as well. 
  • You can know more about current transaction costs and plan for future transactions. 
  • You can know the group or individual mining any transaction. 
  • You can use it (if you are a developer programming the wallet) for dispatching, receiving, and storing cryptocurrencies. 
  • You can use Blockchain explorer for corroborating specific and vital information. 
  • Developers can gauge the features necessary for inclusion in wallets or other software with these explorers. 

Hence, using a Blockchain explorer makes sense from several perspectives. It is truly one of the most helpful tools out there in this category. 

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